How can you protect your CCTV system from cyber threats and hacking attempts?

Before heading towards this topic, we want to draw your attention to the case of Melbourne Crown Casino's $32 million scam. The main cause of this incident was a hack of a CCTV system, and this scam is considered the biggest in the 19-year history of casinos. There are several ways to stop cyberattacks, which are becoming more common. But still, 60% of business owners don’t care about hiring a cyber security team for their enterprises to keep the threats at bay.

As per the statistics, 2200 cyberattacks happen every day, and if you don’t want to see yourself on the list, then this is the time to drop your eyes below, where we will be sharing the best ways to protect your CCTV system from cyber threats and hacking attempts.


Here are the following ways to protect your CCTV system from cyber threats:

  • Updates are mandatory

Your CCTV system always urges you to "update me," but you just ignore the pop-up, which is not a good sign. To avoid any kind of CCTV hack attempt, it is necessary to update the system every month to let it work effectively.


  • Password

A password is mandatory during the authentication process, and it verifies the validity of the user on the system. But hackers can effortlessly hack a weak password, which is why it is recommended to make it strong enough. Most of the time, Google also doesn’t allow you to use a weak password to get yourself in and instead requires you to share their strong password to get the job done.


  • Use "restrict access" for everyone.

Except for the installation company and manufacturer, it is not necessary to share access to the CCTV system with everyone. The more people who are aware of your CCTV system's private details, the more likely a hack will occur.


  • Encryption 

Encryption doesn’t allow the third party to act as an intruder in the system. The same happens in almost all of Instagram and WhatsApp, where third parties are not allowed to interfere with your private chats or data. The information is kept safe between the user and the service provider.


  • Firewalls

This is a fundamental "to-do" that you have to perform after the installation of the CCTV system in your commercial and residential building. A firewall blocked the access of the third user and kept the device safe on the Internet.


What are the measures you need to keep in mind to avoid any kind of cyber threat?

  • Keep your CCTV away from everyone’s touch.
  • Prevent the CCTV system from any kind of malicious threats.
  • Use advanced or automated technology.
  • Keep your cyber team ready to face any threats in the future.
  • Check all the backdoors to avoid cyber intruders.


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