What is fire suppression? Types, Applications, And From Where To Get Installed In Bangalore

Life is unpredictable, and we can’t predict what will happen the next day. To avoid feeling remorse for a loss, it is necessary to keep a backup plan on hand. Fire suppression is also a handy backup to keep yourself safe from the threat of "fire." The quote, “When life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade,” is true with this system. Because it will help in every possible way to keep your stuff safe and secure, no matter how severe the fire is. Fire suppression is not the same as a fire sprinkler system, but it is quite different, and how fire suppression systems differ, their work, applications, types, pricing, and the best place to have them installed in Bangalore are all revealed today in this whole blog.                                                                                                                                                                                                

What is fire suppression? 

A fire suppression system is a way to put out fires by using different agents that put out fires. Not only does this system contain water as a fire suppressant, but it also has chemical compounds, foam, etc. This system is extremely effective and can even remove smoke from severe fire accidents. Most fire suppression systems use agents that put out the fire by putting out the heat or reducing the amount of oxygen in the area. 

Types, applications, and how this system work 

  • -There are the following types of fire suppression and they are - 
  • -Gas/clean agent suppression system 
  • -Chemical foam fire suppression system 
  • -Pneumatic heat detection tube 
  • -water-based fire suppression system 
  • -Foam deluge system; 


water-based fire suppression system 

  • -In this water-based fire suppression system, the fire-suppressing agent is water, and this is generally used for ordinary fire threats. 
  • -The pros of using a water-based fire suppression system are - 
  • -Activates fast 
  • -No use of toxic chemicals or gases 
  • -Environment friendly 
  • -Affordable 
  • -Water consumption should be avoided. 
  • -This is generally used in places like machine spaces, cabinets, generators, fryers, ovens, and spray booths. 


Chemical foam-based fire suppression system - 

The chemical foam-based fire suppression system is generally used in the kitchen. This is a safe and easy-to-use method for the fire suppression system. The advantage of using the chemical foam-based fire suppression system is - 

  • -This is the best alternative to extinguishing the fire. 
  • -Foam doesn’t cause excess damage. 
  • -It can cover large areas. 
  • -Can make the place a bit messy but is effective to extinguish the fire 


  • -This is generally used in places like switch rooms, tunnels, transportation, and storage silos. 


Foam deluge system - 

  • -The foam deluge system is a mixture of foam and water, and this system extinguishes the fire and cools down the surface at the same time. The other advantage of using the foam deluge system is - 
  • -They are best for protecting buildings and floors. 
  • -This machine can handle everything manually. 

Application - 

  • -This is generally used in places like switch rooms, tunnels, transportation, and storage silos. 
  • -Pneumatic heat detection tubes - 
  • -This is a mobile and portable fire extinguisher system, and it has two main components: a pipe and a valve. When the temperature rises, a valve releases the fire suppressant to extinguish the fire. The advantage of the pneumatic heat detection tubes are here - 
  • -Maintenance and installation cost is low 
  • -Gases that are used here are HDC 227, CO2, and many more. 
  • -Machine spaces, boats, lorries, cars, transportation, and cabinets are common places to find them. 


Where can I get the fire suppression system installed?

Trident Pvt. Ltd. is the best automation company in Bangalore, providing the best fire sprinkler installation service provider in bangalore. They have the best quality equipment and also install safety devices or security systems at the customer's office and home. These systems are necessary for an individual, and if you are still under the misconception that they will never happen, then you are committing the biggest sin. Because anything can occur at any time! Most things are unpredictable, and threats of fire are also one of them, so if you want to keep a backup plan, then avail of the fire sprinkler system installation in Bangalore right now. 



How is the fire suppression system different from a fire sprinkler system?

The only difference that you can see between both of them is their method of extinguishing the fire. Multiple things are used by a fire suppression system to put out the fire and even the smoke. But fire sprinklers only use plain water to pull out the fire. 

What is the cost of the fire suppression system? 

The fire suppression cost is around $40,000, and the maximum cost would be $300,000. 

How to get installed in Bangalore 

Trident Pvt Ltd is Bangalore's best fire suppression system installation service provider, and they will install the highest-quality fire suppression system in the office and building. 

What are the ideal places for the fire suppression system? 

The ideal places for the fire suppression system are - medical centers, banks, museums, data rooms, computer rooms, storage places like record rooms and silos, and hospitals.