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How Do You Install A Fire Alarm System?

Fire Alarm System Installation

Fire alarm systems alert people in case of a fire. It can detect smoke and fire and give early warning to people in a building so that they can evacuate and avoid any injuries. Here’s all you need to know about a fire alarm system and how to install it. Understand the Basics of a […]

Advantages of Fire Alarm Systems for Your Business

Advantages of Fire Alarm Systems for Your Business

Oftentimes, business owners install a fire alarm and detection system just to be in compliance with government regulations and fail to understand its significance. But the advantages of having such a system are so many that you won’t be able to deny it. Fire Safety for Business If there is a fire outbreak at your […]

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs CCTV Camera Surveillance

CCTV Camera Surveillance for Your Business

Though CCTVs are common now, there are still some business owners who think it’s a waste of money. On the contrary, data suggests that CCTVs are one of the best cost-effective security measures a business owner can make use of. CCTV Camera Surveillance for Your Business When considering CCTV camera surveillance, most people think about […]

Ethernet or Fiber Optic Cabling for an IP based Surveillance System?

For a new surveillance system, apart from choosing the security cameras, devices and software; security camera cables are equally important and often overlooked. The role of the cables is to transmit power and data without any losses. For IP based surveillance systems we can either use Ethernet cables or fibre optic cables. The choice of […]

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