Public Address Systems

We deliver and install high quality Public Address Systems for venues of all sizes at the most cost effective rate.

For Microphones, Amplifiers, Loudspeakers, call stations and two-way talkback systems.

Public Address (PA) Systems and Equipment

We understand how important it is to address a huge gathering, clearly and without any disruptions. Therefore, we offer quality Public Address (PA) Systems that are installed by experts who ensure that customer satisfaction is given high priority. Our Public Address (PA) Systems are meant for all venue events and consist of modern amplifiers, mics, loudspeakers, mixers, etc integrated by the latest technologies.

We provide state of the art public addressing equipment that can be controlled and monitored from anywhere in the hall, so that you can manage the crowd effortlessly. We are the trusted source for high end commercial installation and have catered to the needs of business meetings, retail outlets, worship centers, marriage functions, sports venues and much more.

Benefits of Trident Public Address (PA) Systems

Trident public address systems (PA systems) are meant for reliable application in industrial and commercial purposes. Our public addressing devices are powerful and work under all-weather in both indoor and outdoor environments. If you are looking for quick, easy to install audio-visual equipment, then contact us today; we will deliver PA systems for your needs, and budget. Trident’s expert technicians will work with you to determine your facility’s Public Address (PA) System requirements and our engineers will suggest the best equipment for your needs. 


Effective Communication

From pre-recorded voice messages to real time communication, our PA systems can help you easily connect with your audience.


Emergency Announcements

Fire and alarm systems can be easily integrated to provide automatic alerts, so that people are clearly notified in case of an emergency. It will be integrated in such a way that the automatic alerts will override any music played in these speakers and play the emergency evacuation message.


Play Music and Convey Messages Clearly

Our PA Systems are 100% reliable and are capable of covering large areas with music, voice announcements etc.


System Flexibility

Our PA systems, including both audio and video equipment, can be easily integrated into your existing network for increased flexibility. Music or Audio messages can be played in selected rooms only using zone selectors. Volume controller can be used in conference rooms or cabins to locally increase/ decrease volume.

Our Public Address (PA) Systems Include

  •  Microphone
  •  Loudspeaker
  •  Amplifier
  •  Mixer amplifier 
  •  Speakers
  •  Call stations
  •  Zone selectors
  •  Two-way talk back systems