Access Control Systems

Our solutions help you control access to entrances and automatically log accurate data when employees enter or exit. We provide all kinds of card readers, biometric readers, EM Locks, Boom Barriers, Turnstiles, Metal doors, scanners, etc. 

Trident Access Control and Attendance Management Solutions

Our people mobility management solutions allow you to seamlessly monitor attendance logging, clock in and out times, unauthorized movements, etc from your smartphone or desktop. Whether a small office or a large industrial plant, our access control and attendance management solutions can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure or employee administrative software.

It then provides 100% reliable and accurate data that helps you track employee time and attendance. Our access control solutions are sure to give your business a convenient, frictionless experience whenever and wherever security matters.

Why Choose Trident Access Control and Attendance Management Solutions?

Access and Attendance software needs of each organization differs. Our design team studies and understands the clients’ requirement thoroughly to provide the most ideal and user-friendly solution to each organization.

Our access control solutions will empower your employees to gain faster access to office premises with the help of fingerprint scanners and card readers. It also records entry and exit times, so that your HR teams can simplify employee access management with the help of secure web and mobile applications. Trident’s team of experts can help you design, install, program, maintain and integrate the access control and attendance management solutions into your existing infrastructure. 


Efficiently Track Working Hours

Tracking working hours can be a tiresome and time-consuming process, especially for large organizations with several employees. Trident’s Attendance Management Solutions can provide reliable data and admins can see everyone’s schedules and real-time attendance all in a single software.


Reduced Operating Costs

Trident’s digital Access Control Solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your business infrastructure and can be configured to work on your employee payroll software. This eliminates the need for new software or technical upgrades thus helping in cost reduction.


Reinforced Premises Restriction

Our access control solutions can be deployed and configured to set different authorization for different employees, so that only the authorized personnel can gain access. The amount of time the person spent in any particular location can be monitored along with the number of times he/she accessed the location. Software features like dual Authentication and door interlocking can be used to further enhance security in cash room, locker room, etc.


Remote Access Controlling

Admins can easily add or remove access for individuals with the help of the software or application. In case of threat or emergency, the admins can quickly deactivate or activate lockdown procedures, hence significantly reducing the impact.