Fire Alarm Systems

The aim of a Fire Alarm System is to detect an unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion, and to alarm the occupants to evacuate the premises. A Fire Alarm System would typically be a combination of the Main Panel and some sensors connected to it.



In This system, the Main Panel identifies the presence of fire through the signals it receives from various sensors connected to it, but it cannot identify the sensor or detector individually but can only identify the zone of fire.



This system also comprises of a Main Panel and sensors connected to it, but it can identify the detector which has raised the fire signal. Because of this information, one can target the very source point of fire and can take the corrective action to control it.



Most of the Fire Alarm Panels have a provision to connect an output to the Access Control System, so that in case of fire all the access doors are disarmed and people can evacuate the building without hassle.