Video Surveillance Solutions

The aim of a Video Surveillance System is to capture & record ( 24/7 ) the movements happening in a premises. These systems assist to identify any unauthorized movements and, help to avoid any untoward incidents from taking place in the campus. Video Surveillance Solution can be achieved through, an Analog Surveillance System consisting of a set of analog cameras which are connected to a DVR ( Digital Video Recorder ) placed centrally, Or through an IP Surveillance System consisting of IP cameras connected to an NVR ( Network Video Recorder ). Also there are Hybrid Solutions available wherein the cameras are analog but the DVR’s are IP based.

Types of cameras

There are various types of cameras available in both the analog and IP category that can be chosen as per the site requirement. Some of the typical examples are – IR cameras with night vision, IR Bullet cameras, cameras with variable focal length lens, PTZ ( Pan Tilt Zoom ) Cameras. At Trident Automation Systems, we analyze each site and understand the client requirements and then assist with a technical solution that fits best to their requirement and budget.

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