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A Complete Guide to Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

A Complete Guide to Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

A commercial fire alarm system is a necessity for all buildings. Choosing the right kind of system might be confusing to someone who is not familiar with them. A properly installed and maintained system can provide critical warning time in the event of a fire, helping to minimize damage and protect employees and occupants. Here […]

CCTV Camera Types You Should Know

CCTV Camera Types You Should Know

CCTV cameras are one of the most cost effective security options available to us today. They work as crime deterrents and can prevent a crime just by being present at a building. When you consider installing a CCTV camera system at your home or business, you should definitely know about the different options available to […]

How Much Does It Cost for CCTV Installation in India

CCTV camera systems are extremely effective in deterring crimes and are very useful for helping you out if some kind of crime occurs. CCTV is a basic level of security you could invest in. You can protect your business and your customers, you could catch an unfaithful employee, or you could simply deter criminals just […]

Types of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Installing fire alarm systems can protect your business and your customers from a fire outbreak. It is legally mandatory in most places. But you have to choose the right system that fits your needs. Since there are a lot of alternatives in the market today, it is always best if you familiarise yourself with the […]

Top CCTV Camera Brands in India 2021

Top CCTV Camera Brands in India 2021

There is no wonder if one would get confused while choosing a particular brand of CCTV camera system, since you have plenty of options. After all, it is all about security and not something to be taken lightly. Here are 5 top brands of CCTV cameras in India for you to consider. 1. Honeywell One […]

How Do You Install A Fire Alarm System?

Fire Alarm System Installation

Fire alarm systems alert people in case of a fire. It can detect smoke and fire and give early warning to people in a building so that they can evacuate and avoid any injuries. As it is legally mandatory for commercial buildings to install a fire alarm system, it is good to know how to […]

Advantages of Fire Alarm Systems for Your Business

Advantages of Fire Alarm Systems for Your Business

Fire alarm systems are a critical part of any business. They provide an early warning system in the event of a fire, which can help to save lives and property. Some factors to consider when choosing a fire alarm system include the size and layout of your building, the type of business you operate, and […]

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs CCTV Camera Surveillance

CCTV Camera Surveillance for Your Business

Though CCTVs are common now, there are still some business owners who think it’s a waste of money. On the contrary, data suggests that CCTVs are one of the best cost-effective security measures a business owner can make use of. Businesses need to have CCTV camera surveillance for a number of reasons. Some businesses may […]

Ethernet or Fiber Optic Cabling for an IP based Surveillance System?

For a new surveillance system, apart from choosing the security cameras, devices and software; security camera cables are equally important and often overlooked. The role of the cables is to transmit power and data without any losses. For IP based surveillance systems we can either use Ethernet cables or fibre optic cables. The choice of […]

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