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Safety infrastructure is often overlooked and seen as an unnecessary expense in corporate or residential buildings. Prevention is always better than cure, installing fire hydrants and sprinkler systems in corporate or residential buildings can protect residents in times of unexpected fire accidents. These systems help in effectively controlling the fire and offer you safety and time to escape from danger. The fire protection systems consist of various components and are strategically placed for faster access to provide a reliable and immediate water supply for any kind of fire accident. At Trident Autosys, the best fire hydrant system in Bangalore we offer reliable and effective fire hydrant and sprinkler systems for residential and commercial spaces.

Fire Hydrant

Fire Pump Room

A Fire pump room is the Heart of the Fire Hydrants and sprinkler System, and it has all the necessary Pumps such as Jockey Pumps, Electrical Pumps, and diesel Engine Pumps, that are connected to Starter Panels and also dedicated Water Sump.

Water Sump

Our fire hydrants in Bangalore are connected to an uninterrupted and reliable source of the water supply chain such as a dedicated water supply sump to provide enough water to extinguish the fire and ensure safety.

Hydrant Hose Boxes

These hose boxes are installed above the ground at strategic locations to serve as the primary access points in case of fire accidents. With one or more outlets they offer a quick and easy way to retrieve water in times of emergency and are colored red.

Valves and Controls

Valves are the central and important part of hydrants, as they regulate the water flow and connect the hydrants to the water source. These valves are made up of highly durable materials such as steel to withstand high pressure and resist corrosion.

Pressure Regulation

Pressure regulation is vital for hydrants to maintain consistent pressure throughout the system. The pressure gauge in this system helps in releasing the water with the same pressure levels in case of any accidents.

Fire Sprinklers


Sprinklers operate individually and activate upon elevated room temperature caused due to fire. Each sprinkler functions independently based on the proximity of the fire and sprinkles water when activated.

The Distribution of Water

Precision matters, sprinklers are designed to effectively sprinkle the water over a specific area. The water to these sprinklers is transported via a connected network of pipes which are attached to a dedicated fire sump via the necessary jockey pumps/ electrical pumps/ diesel pumps.

Elements Sensitive to Heat

Our industry-leading sprinklers contain heat-sensitive components that activate when the temperature of the room rises above the threshold. These are fail-proof and will allow the sprinklers to release water at unprecedented times.

Coverage Region

The coverage region depends on the size of the space, type of occupancy, and fire protection requirements. Each sprinkler is designed to cover a specific area within the building or facility.

Automatic Functioning

Trident Autosys, a fire sprinkler company in bangalore offers completely automatic sprinklers that activate when there is a fire inside the building. This ensures a quicker response to fire accidents, even when people in the building are unaware of it.

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Why Choose Trident Automation for Fire Hydrants and Sprinklers

Annual Maintenance

Safety is our priority, we offer immediate maintenance service options for all of our products or for any third-party products to ensure the safety of you and your building at all times.

Expertise and

With over 15 years of experience in the automation and electronics security industry, we understand the problems end to end, and offer reliable solutions to guarantee your safety.

Quality Products and

Our products are tested in multiple stages at industry-leading standards to make sure they are foolproof in times of emergencies


We are known for providing reliable protection through our fire hydrant and sprinkler systems to residential and commercial spaces.

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We have been serving top companies and they trust us for maximum security and reliability. We are the leading fire hydrants suppliers in Bangalore.

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Do You Know Why it is Important to Have Fire Hydrants and Sprinklers?

Prevention and

Fire hydrants and Fire Sprinkler Systems Bangalore prevent the escalation of fire accidents by ejecting water in times of danger. These systems can act as an early warning mechanism and allow you to detect even the smallest flames and address the problem quickly.

Timely Response
and Evacuation

In case of a fire accident, time is of the essence. Fire hydrants and sprinklers can provide an immediate and reliable solution by enabling a prompt response to the emergency and aiding in immediate evacuation.

Fire Control

Fire hydrants are placed at specific locations to provide a high-volume water supply essential for controlling and extinguishing fires rapidly. Sprinkler systems offer automatic water distribution and target specific areas affected by the fire to minimize its spread

Minimization of
Property Damage

These systems help in reducing property damage by containing and suppressing fire. Fire hydrants and sprinklers restrict the damage caused by flames, smoke, and heat to the buildings.


Fire hydrants and sprinklers are strategically placed to protect the entire building. This means that regardless of the location or size of the fire, these systems are designed to provide protection.


Fire sprinklers respond to the heat automatically, when a fire is generated. This eliminates the need for manual activation and ensures round-the-clock protection, even when the building is unoccupied.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can fire hydrants and sprinklers be integrated with smart building systems?
Yes, fire hydrants and sprinklers can be integrated with smart homes and building systems and can be controlled and monitored through mobile or web.
2. Does Trident offer maintenance services for fire hydrants and sprinkler systems?
Yes, Trident Automation offers reliable maintenance services for both hydrants and sprinkler systems, to ensure that safety is always guaranteed.
3. How many locations does Trident Automation serve?
Our services are available in major cities like Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, and Bangalore
4. What additional services does Trident offer besides fire hydrants and sprinklers?
Our range of services includes fire alarm systems, video surveillance, public address systems, access control systems, and EPABX systems.
5. Does Trident Automation provide training on fire hydrant and sprinkler system operation for our staff?
Yes, we provide training on how to use hydrant and sprinkler systems in times of emergency for your staff, to effectively operate them.

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